How to make mitered corner napkins

How to make mitered corner napkins

Here, I will show you how to make mitered corners on your napkins with a technique suitable for many projects. You can click here for my You Tube tutorial or just keep reading for step by step instructions.
First, you need to decide the size of your napkins and how many you want to make. Most dinner napkins vary from 40 to 50 cm ((16″-20″), even more sometimes. The ones I made for this tutorial only measure 30 X 30 cm, because they are for daily family use, the important thing to remember is to cut your fabric squares bigger than the final product in order to allow for the seams. I find that 6cm (2 3/8″) is ok for most sizes.So, for my napkins I cut squares of 36 x 36 cm.; for a 40 x 40 cm, you will need squares of 46 x 46 cm, etc.

Here is how I made them:

1.- Along all sides I did one fold 1cm wide and a second fold, 2cm wide.( I used a blue pen to highlight them, so that you can see better) . I pressed them with the iron to make them nice and neat.

2.- Then, I folded the corners on the 1 cm fold (the fold of one side over the other) keeping the fabric in place with a pin and turning this new corner over towards the wrong side of the fabric.
2016-02-27 001 2016-02-27 009

3.- I aligned the folds from the right side of the fabric with the 2cm folds on the wrong side.

4.- With my fingers, I pressed the fold firmly (you can use the iron , if you prefer) producing a diagonal fold, then, you must fold this corner as shown in the photograph, so that the right sides face each other securing with a pin and stitch along the diagonal fold.

5.- You can now cut the extra fabric off and turn the fold inside out.
2016-02-27 001 2016-02-27 014
2016-02-27 001 2016-02-27 016

6.- After doing the same thing in all 4 corners, it is a good idea to iron the folds again and secure with pins to able to stitch along the edges neatly.
2016-02-27 001 2016-02-27 017
2016-02-28 001 2016-02-28 002

I hope you have enjoyed this, I will come back with more soon.