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Make your own Fashion Handbag

I wanted a red handbag for a while and this “linen” like medium weight fabric was perfect for my purpose. I added a pretty twist...

Where to Buy

One of the questions I get asked very often is where to buy from, sadly, my answer is always the same: online. I say “sadly”,...

How to Make a Book Bag (Maggie)

I have named this bag “Maggie” (it is easier than starting to describe every bag I make :)) )and I made it for carrying my...

Reusable Vegetable Bag

I continue on my quest to reduce the use of plastic at home, so when I saw a washable  reusable mesh bag on a Facebook...

How to Attach Leather Handles

There are many details that we can add to a handbag or purse, one of them is a pair of leather handles which are readily...

Cushion Cover with Zipper

Mot of us like to improve our home and create a warm and happy environment for our family, we surround our selves with furniture, ornaments...

Bottle Carrier Bag

I am constantly in search of ideas for new sewing projects, so this bottle carrier seams an excellent option, especially nowadays that we are more...

Miniature Christmas Tree

This is a simple fun project to decorate your home at Christmas time, just choose the ribbon colour that will go best with your decor...
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