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Beeswax Food Wraps – make your own

My dear friend introduced me to these beeswax food wraps, although I knew they existed, I never thought of buying them. I was impressed by...

Basic Zipper Pouch

I have been getting questions from beginners who want to take sewing as a hobby, so I decided to make a little video about this...

Metal Frame Purse Tutorial

Many people have asked me to do a tutorial on purses with metal frames, so I created this video that I hope will inspire you...

Origami Drawstring Pouch

Following the Oriental inspiration, I created this drawstring bag just because it is so cute. I Saw a couple of videos in Japanese (I do...

How to Attach Leather Handles

There are many details that we can add to a handbag or purse, one of them is a pair of leather handles which are readily...

Cushion Cover with Zipper

Mot of us like to improve our home and create a warm and happy environment for our family, we surround our selves with furniture, ornaments...

How to Make a Shoulder Bag – Amy

In this tutorial you will see me using faux leather to make a shoulder length bag with swivel snaps for the strap  and magnetic snap...

Choosing the Right Machine Needle

Using the right machine needle can make a great difference not only for the sewing process itself, but also for the end result of your...

How to Attach Magnet Snaps Onto Fabric

Magnetic Snaps Magnetic snaps are easy to attach and very practical for many kinds of bags.  They are available in different shades of silver and...
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