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Beeswax Food Wraps – make your own

My dear friend introduced me to these beeswax food wraps, although I knew they existed, I never thought of buying them. I was impressed by...

Working with Cork Fabric

Cork fabric has been around for a while now, its properties are not of general knowledge yet. I have been wanting to use it for...

How to Attach Leather Handles

There are many details that we can add to a handbag or purse, one of them is a pair of leather handles which are readily...

Sewing Thread Choices

 Using the right thread is very important in order to achieve the perfect finish in a sewing project, understanding the different kinds available in the...

Choosing the Right Machine Needle

Using the right machine needle can make a great difference not only for the sewing process itself, but also for the end result of your...

How to Attach Feet to a Bag

Metal feet for handbags come in different colours and shapes, but they are all very easy to use. Most of them have prong (legs) that...

Renaissance Ribbons

Renaissance Ribbon We  “sewists”  and crafters in general have learned to embellish our work and projects using different materials, we  search haberdashery and DIY stores...

Faux Suede Fabric

Faux Suede Fabric Faux suede is an excellent material to give your projects a more stylish look and fusible interfacing or stabilizer adheres very well...

Working with Waxed Cotton

Working with Waxed Cotton I just want to share with you my opinion on waxed cotton fabric. This is cotton material that has been treated...
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