Category: Totes / Shopping bags

Japanese Knot Market Bag

This is definitively one of my favourite multipurpose bag, it is very comfortable to go over the shoulder carrying a full load of shopping. The...

Origami Tote Bag

We all know that “Origami” is the old art of folding paper and the technique has developed for centuries in different cultures and it has...

How to Make a Book Bag (Maggie)

I have named this bag “Maggie” (it is easier than starting to describe every bag I make :)) )and I made it for carrying my...

Reusable Vegetable Bag

I continue on my quest to reduce the use of plastic at home, so when I saw a washable reusable mesh bag on a Facebook...

Bottle Carrier Bag

I am constantly in search of ideas for new sewing projects, so this bottle carrier seams an excellent option, especially nowadays that we are more...

Reversible Bag – beginner’s project

Great Beginner’s Project  I used two striking cotton fabrics and I am very happy with the result.  I think making a couple of shopping bags...
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