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How to Transform a Blanket

I just cannot resist fabric, I see the colours, feel the  texture and I immediately have visions of the many beautiful things that humble piece of material could become. From soft toys, purses to quilts the possibilities are endless. Here I will be showing you how I transformed a very inexpensive fleece blanket by using fabric scraps that I cut into 5″ ( about 13 cm). You can use any kind of blanket, old or new and when finished, you will have a cozy blanket that could be used to keep you warm on the sofa in winter, add colour to your guest room, serve as picnic blanket, be a special companion to your child going on a sleep over, etc.

You can decide the size and shape of the fabric pieces as long as you end up with a rectangle (assuming that your blanket is rectangular :))  ). I suggest this fabric rectangle to be about  2″ (5 cm) smaller on all sides than the blanket itself in order to allow for any “shrinkage” after assembling the whole piece.

Remember to consider your seam allowance, my allowance was 1/4″ (0.5cm), so ten  5″ squares sewn together in a row created a strip/row 45″ long (each square ended up measuring 4 1/2″.)

The formula to determine how many squares you will need is very simple:

amount of squares = blanket width / square size (minus seam allowance)

my fleece blanket measured 47″ x 63″, so my formula looked like this:     47 / 4 1/2″ = 10     and    63 / 4 1/2″ = 14

so my fabric piece was 10 squares wide /  14 squares long .  A total of 140 squares.

this allowed for a margin of about 2″  extra on all edges of the fleece blanket.

Here is the link to my video with step by step instructions, happy sewing!









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