Renaissance Ribbons

Renaissance Ribbon

We  “sewists”  and crafters in general have learned to embellish our work and projects using different materials, we  search haberdashery and DIY stores looking for that special thing that will add the perfect detail to the piece we are working on. We have also learned to transform and recycle buttons, lace, ribbon, jewellery, etc. 

One of my favourite materials is the “renaissance ribbon”. I assume the inspiration for it was the rich and luxurious fashion around the XVI century, where there were laws and regulations on even the colours that people were allowed to wear depending on their social status and even the amount of fabric used for certain garments. The punishment did not only include expensive fines, but also imprisonment.

Luckily for us, many pretty materials are available online and specialists shops and they can be used for all kind of projects, even DIY upholstery. Here you can see a sample of these ribbons and how I have used them.

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