Reusable Vegetable Bag

I continue on my quest to reduce the use of plastic at home, so when I saw a washable reusable mesh bag on a Facebook ad (Mall more Mall), I thought I could make my own and stop using the plastic ones supplied at the grocery store. I bought a light net fabric (the kind used for net curtains, I think even lace would be suitable) and made simple string bags that I use for all loose vegetables with different colour ribbons for string, I have them colour coded, so one is for tomatoes, another one for fruit and one even for freshly baked bread. The important thing is to use a fairly see-through fabric for convenience at the check out point.

Although, it is important to consider the weight of the produce we will carry, two lettuces weigh less than eight tomatoes, this bags are only meant to replace small plastic bags later to be place inside a tote bag.
Here is the link to the video showing you how I made them.

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