Where to Buy

One of the questions I get asked very often is where to buy from, sadly, my answer is always the same: online. I say “sadly”, because despite the fact that nowadays we can get anything on the internet, we are missing the customer service provided by a dedicated attendant.

Last week I ordered some 20 mm D-rings from Amazon and paid extra for next day delivery, I was disappointed to open the package and find the rings were the wrong size. When I contacted the seller, his response was: “this is what the supplier sends us as 20 mm”. I was not happy that he was neither interested on the product he offer nor the customer needs.

Here is the picture that appeared on the shop description (on the left) and a picture I took of the item in question. I did get a refund for the delivery although I should have been given a full refund (after I returned them) because the item was not as described, but I decided to keep the rings for later use.

So, I will just have to make sure the supplies I order are exactly what I need.

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