Make your own Fashion Handbag

I wanted a red handbag for a while and this “linen” like medium weight fabric was perfect for my purpose. I added a pretty twist lock for detail and the swivel hooks allow me to change the strap according to my preferences.

The important thing to remember, though, is that the hardware you use has to be suitable, the chain hooks have to be the right size to fit through the eyelets, for example. On the left of the picture below you can see what I used and the measuring tape will give you and idea of size. The eyelets are 8 mm in diameter.

The top stitching around the flap provides a professional finish. You could use a contrasting sewing thread to enhance the detail, if you wished.

I also top stitched the top of the front of the bag, which also helps keep the fabric around the seams in place.

Download here the free patterns, please remember to print to “Actual Size“:


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Body of the bag:

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Watch video tutorial:
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