Box pouch- no seams exposed

A box shape purse or pouch can be used in several ways, such as makeup bag, toiletry bag or pencil case. The size is easy to change according to your preferences and it can be easily customized or embellished with ribbons, buttons or beads.

A long time ago I made a simple version where the lining seams were visible, but after listening to some comments from followers, I decided to make a tutorial with a much delicate finish. I thought of three different ways, which are quite obvious really: the first one that came to mind was to make the lining as a separate piece and then, hand stitch it inside the main body of the pouch along the sides of the zipper (too much work, I thought); the second one was to create the box shape at the corners by aligning the side and bottom seam (this would require fiddly sewing around the zipper and the end result might not be perfect). So, my choice was to cut squares in all corners, I do not usually use this technique for a square shape bag, but in this case it proved to be perfect for the purpose. I also saw other people’s videos, although I did not understand the language, and after a couple of prototypes, I chose this option.

The video tutorial is just below and in the description box (below the video) you will find the fabric dimensions to make a bigger bag.

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