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Bottle Carrier Bag

I am constantly in search of ideas for new sewing projects, so this bottle carrier seams an excellent option, especially nowadays that we are more aware of the bad impact that plastic products have made on the environment. I made a pattern out of a bag I bought a couple of years ago from a… Read More

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Sewing Thread Choices

Using the right thread is very important in order to achieve the perfect finish in a sewing project, understanding the different kinds available in the market will prevent problems such as broken thread or uneven tension. You must also be aware that there are different thicknesses, and these are specified in numbers, the higher the… Read More

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How to Attach Feet to a Bag

Metal feet for handbags come in different colours and shapes, but they are all very easy to use. Most of them have prong (legs) that go through the fabric and in some cases those are close together, sometimes they are apart as seen in this  picture. If the prongs are separated, you should get a… Read More

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Clutch Bag with Wrist Strap

I have named this purse ” Alice”, it is simple clutch bag has a wrist strap, a zipper on the top  and a zipper at the front for an outside pocket. You can choose a colourful bright fabric to use it on summer time or a thicker darker material for the winter. It is an… Read More