Origami Drawstring Pouch

Following the Oriental inspiration, I created this drawstring bag just because it is so cute. I Saw a couple of videos in Japanese (I do...

Origami Tote Bag

We all know that “Origami” is the old art of folding paper and the technique has developed for centuries in different cultures and it has...

Box pouch- no seams exposed

A box shape purse or pouch can be used in several ways, such as makeup bag, toiletry bag or pencil case. The size is easy...

Make your own Fashion Handbag

I wanted a red handbag for a while and this “linen” like medium weight fabric was perfect for my purpose. I added a pretty twist...

Where to Buy

One of the questions I get asked very often is where to buy from, sadly, my answer is always the same: online. I say “sadly”,...

How to Make a Book Bag (Maggie)

I have named this bag “Maggie” (it is easier than starting to describe every bag I make :)) )and I made it for carrying my...

Reusable Vegetable Bag

I continue on my quest to reduce the use of plastic at home, so when I saw a washable reusable mesh bag on a Facebook...

How to Attach Leather Handles

There are many details that we can add to a handbag or purse, one of them is a pair of leather handles which are readily...
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