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Hi, I am Marcela, welcome to my page. If you are here it is probably because you want to enjoy developing some sewing and craft skills or simply because you want to try something new as a hobby and make beautiful things for yourself, family and friends.

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It is also probable that you want clear step by step instructions and quick answers to any questions you might have. I read comments and messages and reply as soon as possible giving advice to the best of my knowledge.

I am delighted to share my projects with you, I design, select materials and make (as you watch)  handbags, purses and assorted items that I feel brighten my life.

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I am self taught,mainly due to relocation from Chile to the U.K. 25 years ago with my  English husband. Starting a new life and eventually a new job was not easy, since at the beginning I had lots of spare time I used it to learn how to sew and make things for home, such as curtains and soft furnishings. A growing family made me chose a part time job that would allowed me to be a present mother, but I needed a challenge and as they say “creativity allows your intellect to have fun”, so, creating projects, as well as maintaining my website and You Tube channel fulfills my goals. Also, having a presence online allows me to interact with a great amount of people with common interests and sometimes, even create little friendships. I find all this very motivating.

Now, if you want to see more, just click on “Tutorials” on the top menu or on the links below for my You Tube channel and social media.

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