Magic Pouch / Cube Pouch

This interesting shape pouch has been called many names 🙂 , such as magic pouch or cube pouch, although this particular one is not an exact cube.

I like it very much because it has a more unusual shape and it is very spacious. Using faux leather would create a very stylish makeup bag to give as a gift. The smaller version would, too, but it could also be used as pencil case or sewing kit case.

I much prefer using fusible foam ( I used Bosal In-R-Form, they DO NOT sponsor me, by the way) as it keeps the shape more rigidly.

Here are the patterns for you to see the proportions, they can easily be drawn using a ruler if you start with a rectangle which is 16″ x 16″

The materials for both patterns are:  

– Main fabric : 1 piece 17″ x 17″ (44 cm x 44 cm)

–  Lining fabric  : 1 piece 17″ x 17″ (44 cm x 44 cm)

– Lining fabric for the side panels: 2 pieces 6″ x 8″ (15.3 cm x 20.3 cm) 

– Fusible interfacing for the main fabric, I found that fusible foam keeps the shape better. 

– Fusible firm interfacing for the side panels, OPTIONAL

– 1 zipper about 22″ long, you will have extra length, but it will be easier to re-attach the slider later on.  

Follow this link to watch video tutorial:


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